The Smashing Pumpkins

Feb 10, 2000     Boston’s     Tempe, AZ

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February 10, 2000
Tempe, AZ

Free concert put on by a local radio show, the plan was to do a small set then signing afterwards but so many people showed up they ended up doing 2 shows with completely different set lists


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Ryguy182 Aug 11, 2019

This show was SO crazy and SO amazing.... some of the people from the radio station hid me behind the bar so I could stay for the second set (I think it was Marty & Hondo, RIP)... that was a LONG but fun day... brought my year book from Glenbard North High School that my little sister stole (umm permanently borrowed) from the deans office, I got one from the library, while we attended that school so Billy could sign it, still have not had it signed, Haha such an amazing experience though to see a band of that stature near their Prime in such a small venue.. incredible