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I should have seen Warrant 2 more times but it was out of my hands both times

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Mar 12, 1995     3rd floor cantina     Bryan, Texas, United States

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March 12, 1995
3rd floor cantina
Bryan, Texas, United States

there was an opening band but I didnt catch the name and they were way to heavy to be opening for warrant

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Alternative Rock, Glam, Glam Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop Rock, Rock, Album Rock, 80s, and Hair Metal.


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Darkrin Nov 08, 2019

Considering this is 24 years ago at this point almost 25 ill do the best I can to remember the set list
for now not in any order

Family picnic
Crawl Space
Cherry pie
You really got me(to the end of the first chorus)
should I stay or should I go(Jani on drums James Kottak Singing)
heaven(acoustic Jani)
I saw red(Danny White on keys)
some times she cries(full band)
stronger now
Machine Gun
Hole in my wall/We will rock you
Uncle toms cabin
Mr. RainMaker
Down boys
There was another cover I can not remember it to save my life