Deep Purple / Judas Priest

Sep 26, 2018     Sleep Train Amphitheatre     Chula Vista, California, United States

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September 26, 2018
Sleep Train Amphitheatre
Chula Vista, California, United States


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 Joe Sage/Mo Jo Sage

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Joe Sage/Mo Jo Sage May 15, 2021

We heard about this show and we decided to go.
We saw Deep Purple black in 1987 when they did the House of Blue Lights tour and we enjoyed it. We had never seen Judas Priest and wanted to see them. Judas Priest came out first and they Rocked the house they played for 90 minutes. Then Deep Purple came out and picked up where Judas Priest left off they played almost 2 hours. We really enjoyed ourselves it was a great show and we were happy we went and if this tour comes around again we will definitely go again.