Van Halen

Aug 17, 2004     Coors Amphitheatre     Chula Vista, California, United States

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August 17, 2004
Coors Amphitheatre
Chula Vista, California, United States


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 Joe Sage/Mo Jo Sage

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Joe Sage/Mo Jo Sage May 17, 2021

Mo and I heard about this tour. Van Halen reunited with Sammy Hagar so we when we heard about it we got tickets. Mo and I got press passes about a year a go and we wanted to see how far we could go with them. We had our tickets with us also in case we needed them. When we first got there I just showed my pass and they waved us through the front gate so we got in with out showing our tickets. when we went to go anywhere else we had to show we had tickets our seats were located in the lower level area. After the show started and when they were in there 4th song we started walking around I thought I would try an get us closed to the stage so I told Mo to follow me. We got to the area where we would got down closer to the stage where a security guard asked to see our tickets, I showed him my press pass and he waved us through. We went down to about the 10th row and we stopped so we could see what was going on another security guard told us to go to our seats I looked down the row we were standing in and saw 2 open seats so I told Mo to follow me, once we got to those seats we stopped. It was great the seats were assume and no one came by to claim them so we stayed there the rest of the show. This was a great show the band looked happy Sammy was having a great time and Michael played and sang Somebody Get me a Doctor in place of his normal bass solo just like he did on the last tour. Alex's drum solo was great and Eddie's Guitar solo was vary cool this was a great show Both Mo and I know we may never see this version of Van Halen again and we were glad we saw them this time because something tells us Van Halen might not ever tour again and if they don't we can at least say we saw there last tour and It was a good way for them to retire.