Van Halen / The Screaming Trees

Apr 08, 1992     Barton Coliseum     Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

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April 08, 1992
Barton Coliseum
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States


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Whendricks May 07, 2021

Screaming Trees did come through Little Rock in ‘93 with the Spin Doctors and Soul Asylum. The only reason i never knew a band by the name of Baby Animals is because of this concert that i attended

Whendricks May 07, 2021

Its more from my own memory and the Website link is for verification. The opening act were a female fronted band from Australia. I appreciate you worked shows back then but Screaming Trees they were not. You are simply mistaken with this detail and memory

Jeffallen105 May 07, 2021

If you're basing it off the website you linked, then the website listing is 100% wrong. I was working for the rock station that presented that show, and I was the one with the station van outside the coliseum. We were playing "Nearly Lost You" in rotation, and I spoke with their label rep that night about how strange the pairing was to put them with Van Halen.

Whendricks May 07, 2021

100% the opening act was Baby Animals. Screaming Trees were not on the bill.