Concert Archives users saw 1482 concerts at 209 venues in Melbourne, VIC, Australia:
Date   Concert   Venue  
May 10, 2018 Tonight Alive Arrow On Swanston
Apr 20, 2018 Polaris / The Plot In You / Alphawolf / Ambleside Arrow On Swanston
Mar 10, 2018 Bang
Pridelands / Void of Vision / Apate / Chasing The Void
Royal Melbourne Hotel
Mar 03, 2018 Fall Out Boy Margaret Court Arena
Feb 25, 2018 Robbie Williams Rod Laver Arena
Feb 10, 2018 Rise Against / Bare Bones / Pagan   Margaret Court Arena
Feb 10, 2018 Roger Waters   Rod Laver Arena
Feb 08, 2018 Paramore   Rod Laver Arena
Feb 08, 2018 Paramore | Tour Four  
Paramore / Bleachers
Rod Laver Arena
Feb 08, 2018 Slowdive   The Forum
Feb 07, 2018 Mac DeMarco   Forum Theatre
Feb 04, 2018 Terra / We The Kings / Miss Adventure 170 Russell
Feb 03, 2018 We The Kings / Social On The Veranda Arrow On Swanston
Feb 02, 2018 Manchester Orchestra / Slaughter Beach, Dog   170 Russell
Jan 30, 2018 Foo Fighers   Etihad Stadium
Jan 27, 2018 Parkway Drive / Polaris / Alphawolf   Forum Theatre
Jan 26, 2018 Parkway Drive / Polaris / Thornhill   Forum Theatre
Jan 25, 2018 Plastic Royal Melbourne Hotel
Jan 18, 2018 Hands Like Houses / Endless Heights The Toff In Town
Jan 17, 2018 Hands Like Houses / Endless Heights The Toff In Town
Jan 11, 2018 UNPLUGGED: TONIGHT ALIVE w/Young Lions & Harbours (18+)
Harbours / Young Lions / Tonight Alive
The Black Rabbit
Jan 11, 2018 Next
Better Half / Thornhill / Young Lions / Polaris
The Colonial Hotel
Jan 11, 2018 Rise Or Die Trying 10th Anniversary Tour
Knocked Loose / Four Year Strong
Arrow On Swanston
Jan 11, 2018 Pre Unify Emo Night
Hellions / Between You & Me
Platform One Nightclub
Jan 11, 2018 Four Year Strong w/ Knocked Loose - Melbourne All Ages
Knocked Loose / Arkive / Terra
Arrow On Swanston


Periphery Australian Tour 2017
Added by Kierankrud



Twisted Sister
Uploaded by Jimpotamus


Queens of the Stone Age
Uploaded by Commandostar


World Slavery Tour
Uploaded by Jimpotamus


Kirin J. Callinan / Body Type
Uploaded by Jellibat


Kirin J. Callinan / Body Type
Uploaded by Jellibat


Kirin J. Callinan / Body Type
Uploaded by Jellibat


Kirin J. Callinan / Body Type
Uploaded by Jellibat


Kirin J. Callinan / Body Type
Uploaded by Jellibat


Kirin J. Callinan / Body Type
Uploaded by Jellibat


Kirin J. Callinan / Body Type
Uploaded by Jellibat


Hello-Ween Halloween
Uploaded by Aquagravy84


Zoo Twilights
Uploaded by Aquagravy84


Petulant Frenzy Play Zappa
Uploaded by Aquagravy84


The Artful Musical Stylings of Zappa as Performed by...
Uploaded by Aquagravy84


Australia 2017
Uploaded by Aquagravy84


Eagles of Death Metal
Uploaded by Aquagravy84


The Residents Present Shadowland
Uploaded by Aquagravy84


New Zealand & Australian Tour 2017
Uploaded by Aquagravy84


The Correspondents
Uploaded by Aquagravy84


Boner Jams
Uploaded by Aquagravy84

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