Aerosmith / Ted Nugent / Rory Gallagher / Rick Derringer / Exile

Hydroglobe Music Festival

Jul 31, 1976 (47 years ago)

Eastwood Lake Park     Dayton, Ohio, United States

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Saturday, July 31, 1976
Eastwood Lake Park
Dayton, Ohio, United States

The party in the parking lot the night before the concert was Insane! As good if not better than the concert. That is what I can remember of it! Lots of stories here and one of my all time favorite concerts.

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Blues Rock 4 bands

Blues Rock:

Classic Rock 4 bands

Classic Rock:

Hard Rock 4 bands

Hard Rock:

Rock 4 bands


Album Oriented Rock (AOR) 4 bands

Album Oriented Rock (AOR):

Country Rock 3 bands

Country Rock:

Blues 2 bands


British Blues 2 bands

British Blues:

Electric Blues 2 bands

Electric Blues:

Southern Rock 2 bands

Southern Rock:

Acid Rock 1 band

Acid Rock:

Christian Rock 1 band

Christian Rock:

Drum And Bass 1 band

Drum And Bass:

Folk 1 band


Glam Metal 1 band

Glam Metal:

Heavy Metal 1 band

Heavy Metal:

Hip Hop 1 band

Hip Hop:

J-Pop 1 band


Jazz Fusion 1 band

Jazz Fusion:

Metal 1 band


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 Don B
 Gary Reese
 Bruce Middleton
 Patrick Hicks

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Gary Reese Apr 15, 2020

I was at this concert and remember it vividly. Rory Gallagher was spectacular and IMHO blew everyone away including Nugent! Partied hard and remember a girl passed out without her top as we were leaving, people stepping over her!

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