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In 1988 Deftones formed in Sacramento, California. During the early years, the band embraced a heavy nu metal sound, but with the release of the band's third studio album "White Pony" (2000) the band embraced a new direction. It was the first album to include keyboardist and turntablist Frank Delgado while seeing lead vocalist Chino Moreno on rhythm guitar. The album also produced the band's most commercially successful single "Change (In the House of Flies)." Deftones then released two more albums with bassist Chino Cheno, who suffered severe injuries after a car accident in 2008. In 2009, he was replaced by Sergio Vega. Cheng died in 2013 with Vega continuing on as bassist until 2021 when he retired from the band. The following year Fred Sablan began touring with Deftones in place of Vega.

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Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Jul 25, 2015
Death from Above 1979 / Incubus / Deftones

Incubus / Deftones / Death From Above 1979

Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Jun 14, 1999
Ozzfest '99
System of a Down / Black Sabbath / Rob Zombie / Deftones / Slayer / Primus / Godsmack / Puya / Fear Factory / Static-X / Slipknot / Drain STH / Pushmonkey / Apartment 26 / Flashpoint / (Hed) P.E.
Polaris Amphitheatre Columbus, Ohio, United States

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