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Anna Lopez has 2 Mimi Webb concerts.

22-year-old British singer Mimi Webb has an unassuming sense of style and a voice that hits like a belt of brandy. She’s recently signed a deal with Epic Records, and has now released her debut single “Before I Go”. Her debut album, 'Amelia' (her real name), was released on Friday 3rd March 2023, under Epic Records.

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Tate McRae / Mimi Webb on Apr 11, 2022 [372-small]

Tate McRae / Mimi Webb
Apr 11, 2022
 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
  Uploaded by Dakota Einerwold

Tate McRae / Mimi Webb on Mar 14, 2022 [765-small]

Tate McRae / Mimi Webb
Mar 14, 2022
 Los Angeles, California, United States
  Uploaded by Lauren Fettinger

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