Allred's 2008 Concert History

With guitar in hand, John Allred left his home of West Hartford, Connecticut and headed westward in search of a new life and a new solo career. John’s mother, a music teacher, introduced him to the piano at age of three. Performing elevated into a way of life for John since a high school talent show. After John captivated the Northeast with his intoxicating melodies, this rolling stone itched to sing under new skies.

2017 1 concert
2014 2 concerts
2013 1 concert
2011 1 concert
2010 3 concerts
2008 1 concert
 Errant Ear
 Victor Paul Hemsley

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Allred had?

Allred has had 9 concerts.

When was the last Allred concert?

The last Allred concert was on April 04, 2017 at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, California, United States. The bands that performed were: Allred / He Is We / Rookie of the Year.