Beatallica's Concert History

Beatallica The project was founded in 2001 by original guitarist "Krk Hammetson" and singer "Jaymz Lennfield". The EP A Garage Dayz Nite was recorded for the annual Spoof Fest concert held in Milwaukee, as a memento of that year's concert. A few dozen copies of the EP were handed out to friends. Later that year, one of those CDs made its way to Milwaukee resident David Dixon, who created a web page that included mp3s of the songs and named the band "Beatallica".

Latest Setlist (05/30/2017):

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Concerts Per Year:
2017 7 concerts
2010 3 concerts
2009 1 concert
2007 2 concerts
2006 1 concert
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 Steve Layne
 Sean Loyless
 Nicole Owens Roszell
 Gregg Xenakes
 Ed Hid
 R Gavatorta
 Mini Metul
 Sacramento Shows
 Penelope Seaboat
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