Belgrade Concert History

Liquid-like ins & outs, Belgrade (Philadelphia, PA) dare themselves a slap in the face with the glove of simplicity. A subversively straightforward reverb-fest. Cloaking pop smarts under blankets of echoes bounced off last night's full moon, still ringing in the squinty-eyed hangover morning. Shimmer and swoon forward and back like a chorus for the night, to consume by day. Anthems for your cloudy nocturnal courage.

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Belgrade had?

Belgrade has had 1 concert.

When was the last Belgrade concert?

The last Belgrade concert was on April 14, 2013 at First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The bands that performed were: The Appleseed Cast / Muscle Worship / Belgrade.

What songs does Belgrade play live?

The songs that Belgrade performs live vary, but here's the latest setlist that we have from the April 14, 2013 concert at First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States:

  1. Shot and Pill
  2. Projection
  3. Birdswarm
  4. Lost in Time
  5. Venice on a Map
  6. Tidal Wave