Cloudchord's 2018 Concert History

Cloudchord specializes in augmenting musical possibility. Derek VanScoten is the producer, guitarist and Emmy-winning musician behind Cloudchord. His remarkable technical skills on the guitar give a refreshing take on atmospheric dance music, solidifying Cloudchord’s place in the world of psychedelic chillhop beats. For those who enjoy the ethereal sounds of Bonobo, the basslines of FKJ, & slick neo guitar strums, Cloudchord curates a vibe of something yet untouched. His recent works, “Refresh” and “Attunement,” transport you to a New York City rooftop, where grooves and sunshine wrap around you in the midst of a hazy summer. "Reverence" is Cloudchord’s new...

Concerts Per Year:
2020 1 concert
2018 1 concert
2015 3 concerts
2014 1 concert
2013 1 concert
2011 1 concert
2010 1 concert
6 users have seen Cloudchord including:
 Jilbo Bagins
 Nick Lagattuta
 Jordan Collins
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