D.N.S.'s 1996 Concert History

In 2002, duality started raising its head in the music of Donatas Bielkauskas, the leader of a famous post-folk project Donis. This marked the birth of d.n.s. project which has no links with ethnicity whatsoever. Although the style has not settled down yet, certain direction can be sensed in the sounds of the project. d.n.s. music is based on collages of experimental electronics and the deep flow of ambient-type melodies and other harmonious sounds.

Date Concert Venue Location
Aug 16, 1996
Stuck Mojo
Stuck Mojo / Pain Principle / D.N.S.
Fairbanks Inn Winter Park, Florida, United States
2011 1 concert
1996 1 concert
 Sabrina Wade Haines

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has D.N.S. had?

D.N.S. has had 2 concerts.

What genre is D.N.S.?

D.N.S. is most often considered to be Experimental, Ambient, Noise, and Synthpop.

When was the last D.N.S. concert?

The last D.N.S. concert was on August 26, 2011 at Zarasas Island in Zarasai, Utena, Lithuania. The bands that performed were: Blood Axis / Dazkarieh / Sonne Hagal / Àrnica / Rapoon / Тролль гнёт ель / ТаРУТА / Poludnica / Atalyja / Pievos / Aistė Smilgevičiūtė ir Skylė / Bix / Donis / Golden Parazyth / Ukmergės ir Pasvalio dambrelininkai / Testamentum Terrae / Kūlgrinda / Lygaudė / ByTikZyz / Trys Keturiose / Ugniavijas / Marga Muzika / Vilkduja / Spanxti / OBŠRR / Luctus / Kukumbalis / Ale Va / Mindrauja / Gyvata / d.n.s. / Pb8 / Luumm / Juodvarnis / Nefes / Ritingo / Devyni / Kamanių Šilelis / Laimas Muzykanti / Vyngria / Ramtatūris / Seluona / Girių Dvasios.