Dead In The Dirt's 2012 Concert History

Dead in the Dirt was a grindcore band hailing from Atlanta, Georga, United States formed by Blake Connally in Dec. 2008. Following the addition of Hank Pratt and Bo Orr, DITD’s debut release “VOLD” was self released in summer 2010. After signing to Southern Lord, they released the EP Fear in 2011, followed by the LP The Blind Hole in 2013.

2013 1 concert
2012 4 concerts
2010 1 concert
 Andy Levitz
 Sacramento Shows
 Slam Aiton
 Kyle Stapleton
 Nick Chandler

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Dead In The Dirt had?

Dead In The Dirt has had 6 concerts.

When was the last Dead In The Dirt concert?

The last Dead In The Dirt concert was on November 17, 2013 at The Substation in Singapore, SG.01, Singapore. The bands that performed were: Dead In The Dirt / Wormrot.