Doughboys's 1993 Concert History

Doughboys were a Canadian rock band in the vein of Husker Du or Moving Targets. They suffered from ongoing changes to personnel - their first two records display their finest songs. Possibly the best melodic harmonies ever attached to post hardcore rock music, with multiple singers and song writers. If the world was fair, they and Buffalo Tom would have received recognition in the post Nirvana glow of reflective glory that did so well for many SST bands, but as the music press are generally shy of left field references, they never got any real promotion. If you like Blink...

Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Nov 19, 1993 Buzzcocks / Doughboys / fudge: Metro Chicago, Illinois, United States
Concerts Per Year:
2011 2 concerts
1994 3 concerts
1993 1 concert
1991 9 concerts
9 users have seen Doughboys including:
 Maf Daniel
 Ethan Stacey
 Jay O. Tea
 Michael Curtis
 David Scrivner
 Mac (Hull, Uk)
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