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There is more than one band under the name Elephant: 1.) Elephant is a band from London, made up of Amelia Rivas (vocals, keyboards) and Christian Pinchbeck (guitars, computers). -- 2.) Elephant is a Pittsburgh based band featuring members of Wings of Azrael. They released an EP and have a full length album available through iTunes entitled "Identities". The band also has another profile as Elephant (PA) due to the other bands named "Elephant". -- 3.) Elephant is a one-man project that reveres the metal it enjoys while using this passion to strengthen its own sound through constant experimentation and...

Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
May 10, 2014 El Topo Goes Loco  
Random Hand / Faintest Idea / Jet 8 / The Liabilities / Koala Commision / Silly Snails / Will Tunn & The Wasters / Cover Rangers / Barne (Elephant acoustic) / Wunderbraum (Cover Rangers acoustic) / elephant
JH Tydeeh Mol, Flanders, Belgium

Variations: elephant / Elephant

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