Hammerdrone's 2013 Concert History

Hammerdrone is a Blackened Death Metal band from Calgary, AB. Formed in October 2010, Hammerdrone features Graham Harris (ex-Genepool, ex-Rotschreck) on vocals, Vinnie Cardellini on drums, Rick Cardellini on lead guitar, Curtis Beardy on rhythm guitar and backing vocals and Steve Greenough (ex-Terra Cotta) on bass.

Death Metal
Black Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Canadian Black Metal
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2018 1 concert
2013 1 concert
 Justin Bennett

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Hammerdrone had?

Hammerdrone has had 2 concerts.

What genre is Hammerdrone?

Hammerdrone is most often considered to be Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Bluegrass, Melodic Death Metal, Canada, and Canadian Black Metal.

When was the last Hammerdrone concert?

The last Hammerdrone concert was on October 19, 2018 at Broken City in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The bands that performed were: Shark Infested Daughters / Living Machines / Hammerdrone / Chase the Grey.

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