Kreamy 'Lectric Santa's Concert History

17 or 20 years in existence- "Kreamy 'Lectric Santa" (who initially hailed from Miami) refuse to just let it die...(once called) A pilaquent nasty gumbo stirring up the 'Sickly sweet' concoction of Psychedelic, post punk, noise, metal, experimental, bubblegum. Kls has forged its own brand of twisted genre-less sound ..helmed by Robert Price (guitar vocals,tapes etc) and Priya Ray (violin/fiddle,vox,keys)----Recent members Chris Johnson (Drums) of the infamous (Drunk Horse) and Ian Billet (Bass)---Replacing long time bassist Andrew Ross Current LP/CD 'Operation Spacetime Cynderblock' (4 riddles of the spheres) on Starcleaner records...

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