Mason Jennings Concert History

Mason Jennings (born March 19, 1975 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American pop-folk singer-songwriter currently based in Minnesota. He is well known for his simple yet catchy melodies, intimate lyrics, literary and historical themes, and distinctive voice. His music has appeared in the surf film "Shelter".

Date Concert Venue Location
Dec 08, 2022
Mason Jennings Tractor Tavern Seattle, Washington, United States
Dec 07, 2022
Mason Jennings Aladdin Theater Portland, Oregon, United States
Nov 12, 2022
Mason Jennings Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Nov 11, 2022
Mason Jennings Hi-Fi Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Nov 10, 2022
Mason Jennings City Winery Chicago Chicago, Illinois, United States
Aug 21, 2022
Mason Jennings City Winery Washington DC Washington, D.C., United States
Aug 20, 2022
Mason Jennings City Winery NYC New York, New York, United States
Aug 19, 2022
Mason Jennings Ardmore Music Hall Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States
May 21, 2022
Mason Jennings SPACE Evanston, Illinois, United States
Jan 09, 2022
Mason Jennings Music Box San Diego, California, United States
Nov 28, 2021
Mason Jennings High Noon Saloon Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Mar 14, 2020
Mason Jennings 3S Artspace Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States
Dec 07, 2019
Mason Jennings / Frankie Lee Fitzgerald Theater Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Nov 30, 2019
Mason Jennings SPACE Evanston, Illinois, United States
Nov 23, 2019
Mason Jennings Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, United States
Nov 09, 2019
Mason Jennings Cornerstone Berkeley, California, United States
Nov 07, 2019
Mason Jennings SLO Brew Rock San Luis Obispo, California, United States
Oct 24, 2019
Mason Jennings The State Room Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Oct 05, 2019
Mason Jennings Rams Head On Stage Annapolis, Maryland, United States
Oct 04, 2019
Mason Jennings City Winery Washington DC Washington, D.C., United States

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Mason Jennings had?

Mason Jennings has had 741 concerts.

What genre is Mason Jennings?

Mason Jennings is most often considered to be Indie, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Folk Rock, Acoustic, Indie Folk, Stomp And Holler, New Americana, and Deep New Americana.

When is the next Mason Jennings concert?

The next Mason Jennings concert is on December 07, 2022 at Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon, United States.

When was the last Mason Jennings concert?

The last Mason Jennings concert was on November 12, 2022 at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

What songs does Mason Jennings play live?

The songs that Mason Jennings performs live vary, but here's the latest setlist that we have from the October 26, 2018 concert at The State Room in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States:

  1. 1997
  2. The Light (Part IV)
  3. Something About Your Love
  4. Sunlight
  5. Ulysses
  6. Cursive Prayers
  7. Crown
  8. Bitter Heart
  9. Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor
  10. Under Control
  11. Big Sur
  12. Lemon Grove Avenue
  13. Living in the Moment
  14. Hospitals and Jails
  15. Earth Is Homeless
  16. Sorry Signs on Cash Machines
  17. Sing Out
  18. Magic Is Real
  19. So Good
  20. Drinking as Religion
  21. I Know You
  22. Keepin' It Real