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Midrift is a California-based shoegaze band consisting of Gus Mehrkam, Manoa Neukermans, and Kai Neukermans...

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Wisp / Photographic Memory / Midrift on May 22, 2024 [539-small]

Wisp / Photographic Memory / Midrift
May 22, 2024
 San Francisco, California, United States
  Uploaded by Skzwon

Indie Rock
Lo-Fi Indie
Slacker Rock
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 Nicole Leigh
 Dandie Andie

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Midrift had?

Midrift has had 6 concerts.

What genre is Midrift?

Midrift is most often considered to be Indie, Indie Rock, Alternative, Post-Hardcore, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi, Lo-Fi Indie, Slowcore, Grungegaze, Zoomergaze, and Slacker Rock.

When is the next Midrift concert?

The next Midrift concert is on August 20, 2024 at The Paper Tiger in San Antonio, Texas, United States. The bands performing are: Midrift / Warstories.

When was the last Midrift concert?

The last Midrift concert was on May 22, 2024 at The Independent in San Francisco, California, United States. The bands that performed were: Wisp / Photographic Memory / Midrift.

What setlist does Midrift play live?

The songs that Midrift performs live vary, but here's the latest setlist that we have from the March 15, 2024 concert at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, California, United States:

  1. dismal
  2. unrequited
  3. Burden
  4. Machina
  5. Twin Flames

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