Obstruktor Concert History

Obstruktor plays a no-nonsense mix of death and thrash metal, infected with influences from plenty of other genres.

Thrash Metal
2023 2 concerts
2022 1 concert
2021 1 concert
 Zoë Louwerse
 Kris Unshaven
 Nicky Satanabis

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Obstruktor had?

Obstruktor has had 4 concerts.

What genre is Obstruktor?

Obstruktor is most often considered to be Thrash Metal.

When was the last Obstruktor concert?

The last Obstruktor concert was on July 07, 2023 at De Flux in Zaandam, North Holland, Netherlands. The bands that performed were: Disquiet / Grindpad / Man As Plague / Obstruktor / Anarchos.