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OK Go is an American indie rock band which formed in Chicago, Illinois, United States in 1998. The band consists of Damian Kulash (guitar, vocals), Tim Nordwind (bass), Andy Ross (guitar, keyboards), and Dan Konopka (drums). The band is best known for their singles "Get Over It", "A Million Ways", "Here It Goes Again" and "This Too Shall Pass" and for their high concept, low budget, one-shot music videos.

Date Concert Venue Location
Nov 03, 2019 OK Go   The Soraya Los Angeles, California, United States
Nov 02, 2019 OK Go The Soraya Los Angeles, California, United States
Nov 01, 2019 OK Go Lewis Family Playhouse, Victoria Gardens Cultural Center Los Angeles, California, United States
Oct 30, 2019 OK Go California Center for the Arts San Diego, California, United States
Jul 27, 2019 Polo Noir
Saint Motel / Cold War Kids / OK Go
Hidden Creek Polo Club West Linn, OR
May 23, 2019 The Videos Tour
Mesa Arts Center - Ikeda Theater Mesa, Arizona, United States
Apr 28, 2019 The Live Video Tour  
State Theater Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Apr 27, 2019 OK Go     Pabst Theatre Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Show Duplicate for Apr 27, 2019
Apr 26, 2019 OK Go   Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, University of Northern Iowa Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Mar 23, 2019 OK Go Atwood Concert Hall, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Mar 22, 2019 OK Go Hering Auditorium Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Dec 15, 2018 OK Go   The Rialto Theatre Tucson, Arizona, United States
Dec 14, 2018 OK Go   Mesa Arts Center Mesa, Arizona, United States
Nov 17, 2018 OK Go Jack Singer Concert Hall, Arts Commons Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Nov 04, 2018 OK Go The State Theatre of Ithaca Rochester, New York, United States
Nov 03, 2018 OK Go   Veterans Memorial Auditorium Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Nov 02, 2018 OK Go Berklee Performance Center Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Oct 20, 2018 OK Go   Yardley Hall, Carlsen Center, Johnson County Community College Overland Park, Kansas, United States
Show Duplicate for Oct 20, 2018
Oct 19, 2018 OK Go   Holland Center, Omaha Performing Arts Center Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Apr 08, 2018 OK Go Donny & Marie Showroom at Flamingo Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has OK Go had?

OK Go has had 732 concerts.

When was the last OK Go concert?

The last OK Go concert was on November 03, 2019 at The Soraya in Los Angeles, California, United States.

What songs does OK Go play live?

The songs that OK Go performs live vary, but here's the latest setlist that we have from the November 03, 2019 concert at The Soraya in Los Angeles, California, United States:

  1. C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips
  2. Get Over It
  3. A Million Ways
  4. Here It Goes Again
  5. Do What You Want
  6. WTF?
  7. This Too Shall Pass
  8. End Love
  9. All Is Not Lost
  10. White Knuckles
  11. Shooting the Moon
  12. What to Do
  13. Last Leaf
  14. Needing/Getting
  15. The Writing's On the Wall
  16. I Won't Let You Down
  17. Upside Down & Inside Out
  18. Obsession
  19. The One Moment
  20. Skyscrapers
  21. Song 2