Old Blood Concert History

1. Old Blood is an Acid Doom / Psychedelic Occult Rock band. https://oldbloodgroup.bandcamp.com/

Date Concert Venue Location
Nov 03, 2023
Nova Scotia Music Week
Jah’Mila / Reeny Smith / Harmz / Lindsay Misiner and the 7th Mystic / Vormir / Old Blood / North of Nowhere
Johnny Patch’s Pub Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Oct 08, 2022
Adema / Deep Within / Through The Oculus / Old Blood / Bantamweight


The Market at Townsend Apple Valley, CA
May 22, 2022
Carla Geneve / Old Blood

Carla Geneve & Old Blood: Double Headline

Indian Ocean Hotel Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Mar 04, 2022
Dr. Know / Pink Mist / Tung / Brain Vat / Old Blood / Die Healing
Oxnard Performing Arts Center Oxnard, California, United States
Jul 29, 2017
Headstones / Old Blood
Marquee Ballroom Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jun 22, 2017 –
Jun 25, 2017
Maryland Doom Fest
Lo-Pan / The Atomic Bitchwax / Cavern / Valkyrie / Borracho / Wo Fat / The Skull / Akris / Freedom Hawk / The Well (Austin) / Heavy Temple / Captain Beyond / Horehound / Old Blood / Brimstone Coven / Earthride / Black Pyramid / Pale Divine / Weed is Weed / Faith in Jane / Beelzefuzz / Black Manta / Bang / The Watchers / Serpents of Secrecy / Lightning Born / Lifetime Shitlist Show all bands
Cafe 611 Frederick, Maryland, United States
Apr 29, 2017
The Southern River Band / The Floors / Datura4 / Old Blood / The Durongs / Yomi Ship Fly By Night Musicians Club Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia
Jan 14, 2017
Old Blood Silverlake Lounge Los Angeles, California, United States
May 07, 2009
Crocodiles / The Whole Shebang / Old Blood Beauty Bar Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Hard Rock
Psychedelic Rock
Black Metal
Doom Metal
Stoner Rock
Acid Rock
Spanish Black Metal
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2023 1 concert
2022 3 concerts
2017 4 concerts
2009 1 concert
 Jill Gay
 Ron Palmer
 Natasha Dahan

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Old Blood had?

Old Blood has had 9 concerts.

What genre is Old Blood?

Old Blood is most often considered to be Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Black Metal, Psychedelic, Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, Stoner, Doom, Acid Rock, Acid, and Spanish Black Metal.

When was the last Old Blood concert?

The last Old Blood concert was on November 03, 2023 at Johnny Patch’s Pub in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. The bands that performed were: Jah’Mila / Reeny Smith / Harmz / Lindsay Misiner and the 7th Mystic / Vormir / Old Blood / North of Nowhere.

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