Pedals on Our Pirate Ships's 2014 Concert History

Pedals On Our Pirate Ships is the “solo” acoustic act of Matt Seymour, former Attackula frontman. However, vocal, electric, percussion, and other acoustic elements are also integrated into his music to give it an almost folk background sound. These elements are provided from various associates of Matt Seymour such as Avail, Landmines, and Liza Kate. The lyrical content is a fairly diversified collection of Matt Seymours stories and experiences with friends in his former home, Richmond, Virginia. Tired of seeing his real name on flyers, Matt Seymour created the name Pedals On Our Pirate Ships. Pedals On Our Pirate Ships...

Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Nov 21, 2014 –
Nov 22, 2014
Say 10 Records Anniversary Party  
Pedals on Our Pirate Ships / Landmines / Chumped / Erik Petersen / Smoke Or Fire / Tim Barry / Trust Fall / Sundials / Oklahoma Car Crash / Entropy / Teen Death / Daycare Swindlers / Hold Tight! / PEARS (the band) / Brutal Youth / Iron Reagan / Spraynard / Night Birds / Iron Chic / Timeshares
The Broadberry Richmond, Virginia, United States

Variations: Pedals on Our Pirate Ships / Pedals On Our Pirate Ships

Concerts Per Year:
2014 1 concert
2012 3 concerts
2010 2 concerts
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