Shattercones's 2022 Concert History

They are cinematic landscapes, claustrophobic dark rooms and short films with bursts of violence, regret and loss. Shattercones recipe: 1x 100-year-old slide guitar, 1x Viola with loops, 1x drum machine, 3x large tom toms, 1 x analogue synth, 2 x guitars, and 3 x vocals.

Punk Rock
Art Punk
2022 1 concert
2018 1 concert
 Kapt Kopter
 Zoltan Usher
 Phil Kennedy
 Samantha Davies

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has Shattercones had?

Shattercones has had 2 concerts.

What genre is Shattercones?

Shattercones is most often considered to be Experimental, Punk Rock, Post-Punk, and Art Punk.

When was the last Shattercones concert?

The last Shattercones concert was on March 25, 2022 at Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom. The bands that performed were: New Model Army / Shattercones.