She Likes Todd Concert History

She Likes Todd is Robert "Chicken" Sulzman, Kyle Tilev, Dennis Tynan, and David Burke. The current lineup (and arguably, sound) began in 2008, with the joining of Tynan to the band, replacing previous drummer, Todd Josefson. Sulzman, Burke, and Josefson had played music together for years, always under the SLT name, with Tilev joining as a second guitarist in 2006. She Likes Todd songs are intense, urgent anthems of love, hate, hardship, apathy, and hope.

2010 3 concerts
2009 1 concert
 Cory 182

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has She Likes Todd had?

She Likes Todd has had 4 concerts.

When was the last She Likes Todd concert?

The last She Likes Todd concert was on October 05, 2010 at Fireside Bowl in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The bands that performed were: She Likes Todd / Counterpunch.