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So there was this dude who was like " wanna make a Modest Mouse rip-off band" and then the other guy was all like "sure! (laughter) i think we could rip-off Modest Mouse so good." Then these two guys played in a totally unrelated band for awhile. One day the first dude was like "IT'S TIME! MAGNUM." (he calls me Magnum) and the second guy was like "oh shit! I already started."

Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Dec 31, 2013 Our Sunday Affairs's Last Show
Our Sunday Affairs / Ephraim Huit / Townhouses / Toasted Plastic / Stinky Smelly / Eureka Driver / No Stranger
All City FuckBois Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Dec 31, 2013 Kat Kat Phest Day 4 / Hightide Hotel / Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe / Stinky Smelly / Tyler Daniel Bean / Kelsi Grammar The Fire Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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