Super Happy Fun Club's Concert History

SHFC’s debut album is called , “go fun yourself” Between the name of their band and album, one could reasonably surmise that these guys have already earned your ears for a listen. Not only because it’s not pretentious, doesn’t include a day of the week, or a year of high school, and isn’t trying too hard, but because they’ve beaten you to the punch. They’ve taken the piss out of themselves before you could, and then, with a smile, took a playful jab at you by the time you even realized what had happened.

9 users have seen Super Happy Fun Club including:
Dd1fc5b84b4a0c6f353757f7e3f3e5bc  Dreamover
Sm_avatar_download_20180404_094541  Stephen Schenk
D7bc9d0e35244b3804b1ab29a103cf4f  Cory 182
44bd88be244a36145ab6ed9b5c8161f8  Charmele0n
B35f778d31dd2555a2faa58bcd423d8e  Elenaba
97a1a7f8662d883029761f48d8f84eac  Matt M
Sm_avatar_img_0026  Marc
Sm_avatar_mepic  Soehlert
799982545a3b25e4d5d455d6d9bcea24  Tracy Lynn
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