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Savage, Straight-Forward, Dirty, Sexy, Intense, Rock & Roll Wreckage!!! The Debut STF Record, "BURN IN THE SPOTLIGHT!!!" - 13 Tracks about the LOVE, the HATE, the PAIN & EVERYTHING in between! From songs such as "LOVE/HATE MASQUERADE" & "DEEPER INSIDE" to "SOME KIND OF PERFECT" & "40 & 12", get ready to be polarized by LOUD, SAVAGE, GUITAR-DRIVEN riffs-HIGH ENERGY drums & FIST PUMPING Anthems about Never Giving Up to the Dirty, Sexy Soundtracks of those Intoxicated Nights of Debauchery: So, Get Your MIDDLE FINGERS UP & CRANK THE AMPS TO 11!!!! SURRENDER THE FALL IS EVERYTHING YOU WANT THEM...

Latest Setlist (04/26/2013):

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Concerts Per Year:
2014 2 concerts
2013 5 concerts
2012 4 concerts
2011 5 concerts
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