The Max Levine Ensemble's 2019 Concert History

Sometime at the turn of the century a small gang of boys grouped together in the noble pursuit of transcending suburban boredom through the traditional performance of punk rock songs. 3 of these young products of white America never moved on from this adolescent rebellion phase, and 9 years later The Max Levine Ensemble continues to rock basements, bombed out buildings and other holes in the fabric of the status quo, with lofty aspirations of creating...

Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Nov 16, 2019 The Ergs! / The Max Levine Ensemble / Bacchae   St. Stephen Episcopal Church Washington, D.C.
Concerts Per Year:
2019 1 concert
2017 1 concert
2016 3 concerts
2015 1 concert
2014 1 concert
2012 4 concerts
2011 2 concerts
2009 1 concert
2002 1 concert
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