The Responders's 2017 Concert History

God created rock-‘n-roll and he said: ‘It is good.’ Like a virus the music spread around the world. Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Chuck Berry were the first to get infected. And through the years millions more followed. Now, almost sixty years later, a group from Tilburg shows symptoms of contamination. In 2007, the infected Pete (drums), Bout (guitar) and Marcel (bass) placed themselves in quarantine. In their rehearsal room they started practicing under the name The Responders.

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2017 1 concert

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many concerts has The Responders had?

The Responders has had 2 concerts.

What genre is The Responders?

The Responders is most often considered to be Rock, Pop, Pop Rock, Classic Rock, British, Soul, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Rock And Roll, Experimental Rock, Psychedelic Pop, Britpop, Rock & Roll, Merseybeat, British Invasion, Film Soundtrack, Favoritos, Europe, Psychedelia, Abbey Road, and Rock N Roll.

When was the last The Responders concert?

The last The Responders concert was on September 26, 2018 at The Middle East - Corner & Bakery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. The bands that performed were: The Responders / Bochek / The Way Back / Friendly Psychic Strangers.

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