The Superstitions's 2008 Concert History

There appears to be more than one artist/band that goes by the name 'The Superstitions. Two are mentioned below. I. Friends from birth, Nyssa, Harry and Zack have always played together. Whether raising hell at the neighbourhood dancehall, duking it out with the local gang of toughs or cutting class to play cards and throw rocks through glass windows, they've done everything together. They've only ever been apart from eachother in their musical endeavours. The Brothers Burgess, Harry and Zack, dabbled in punk rock, whilst Nyssa cut her teeth on an acoustic guitar and simple, heartfelt songs. Though their separate...

Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Aug 01, 2008 Clouds That Look Like Things / The Superstitions Rancho Relaxo Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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2009 3 concerts
2008 1 concert
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