Waking Ashland's Concert History

Waking Ashland was formed in November 2003 by singer/keyboardist Jonathan Jones, guitarist Ryan Lallier and drummer Thomas Lee, all of which were at that time music majors at California State University, Northridge. Robert Teegarden — a friend of the band — temporarily helped out to fill the vacant position on the bass guitar. Their band name stems from the aspect of connecting people through music, paired with a reference to the town of Ashland, Oregon.

Date   Concert   Venue   Location  
Jan 17, 2007 Portugal. The Man / Waking Ashland / Self Against City UCD Coffee House Davis, CA
Aug 22, 2006 Waking Ashland / Lydia / Brighten / This Holiday Life / The Brobecks The Underground Roseville, CA
Jun 30, 2006 Gatsby's American Dream / Waking Ashland / My American Heart / This Providence / Damiera The Boardwalk Orangevale, CA
Jun 28, 2006 My American Heart with Gatsby's American Dream, Waking Ashland, and This Providence at Bakersfield Dome (June 28, 2006)
My American Heart / Gatsby's American Dream / Waking Ashland / This Providence
Bakersfield Dome Bakersfield, CA
May 13, 2006 Waking Ashland / Agent Sparks / This Holiday Life / Blesk / The Honey Trees The Underground Roseville, CA
Feb 09, 2006 Sherwood / Waking Ashland / Quiet Drive / This Holiday Life / Bidwell The Underground Roseville, CA
Nov 18, 2005 Honorary Title / Waking Ashland / Koufax / I Am The Avalanche Forward Hall Erie, PA
Nov 13, 2005 The Honorary Title / I Am the Avalanche / Waking Ashland / Koufax Jack Rabbits Jacksonville, FL
Oct 09, 2005 Waking Ashland / The Audition Chubby Rain House Of Tunes Poplar Grove, IL
Aug 01, 2005 Spitalfield / Action Action / Gatsby's American Dream / Waking Ashland The Buffalo Icon Buffalo, NY
Jul 31, 2005 Spitalfield / Gatsby's American Dream / Waking Ashland Webster Theatre Hartford, CT
Jul 28, 2005 Action Action / Gatsby's American Dream / Spitalfield / Waking Ashland The Downtown Farmingdale, NY
Jul 03, 2005 Vans Warped Tour 2005
Plain White T's / From First to Last / Waking Ashland / Senses Fail / Underoath / Gatsby's American Dream / Thrice / Atreyu / The Starting Line / Motion City Soundtrack / boys night out / Hidden In Plain View / A Thorn For Every Heart
Seaside Park Ventura, CA
Mar 30, 2005 Plain White T's / The Matches / Roses Are Red / Waking Ashland Troubadour West Hollywood, CA
May 09, 2004 Mae / Still Life Projector / Watashi Wa / Waking Ashland The Boardwalk Orangevale, CA
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