Journey Evolution Tour

Jul 29, 1979     Casino Miami Jai-Alai Fronton     Miami, Florida

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July 29, 1979
Casino Miami Jai-Alai Fronton
Miami, Florida


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 Mark Duncan
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Mark Duncan Apr 07, 2021

It was an exciting day, full of energy, I was 20 years old, Kawasaki 1000 and a 72 Jaguar 4 door sedan I had with an Lt-1 engine. Girlfriends galore, and I picked Laurie to go to the concert. Parked my jaguar in the restaurant behind the Jai-Alai so my car wouldn't get dinged, we finally got to 3rd in line and ticket booth sold out. Ahhh, what a bummer. We thought we could give the door man some cash but others had same idea and he shouted no bribes, tickets only.. a couple walked passed us, too high on something straggling past us. 5 minutes later 8 police officers were beating this guy in the street with their clubs, his girl tried to protect him and they starting hitting her too. The upset crowd who got shut out at the ticket booth started throwing can, sticks, rocks at the cops. They let him n her go. Crazy and bewildered we were, the guy came driving out in his 62 Dodge truck and started doing doughnuts right in front of all the cops smoking his tires and on the last circle spin he tried to run them all over and took off down the road. All 6-8 cops started shooting at him as he hauled-ass down the road. Think he got pretty far away, but the aftermath revealed several people were hit by stray bullets. I recall a guy screaming his sister had been hit. Laurie n I were hiding behind a car by this time totally freaked out. Several ambulances showed up and so we headed back to my car around back of Jai-alai. As we walked,I noticed the huge loading garage door was open and stage hands walking around clearing Thin Lizzy's equipment to make ready for Journey. An idea came to me! I walked towards a man that looked like an important roadie, told him we got caught up in the shooting, he said he heard about it. What happened he asked, we told him our story and he said, you kids have had enough, come with me. He took us through back stage, then onto the stage with all the lights in the house on, led us to the front of the stage, talked to security and we jumped down into the 2 empty front row center stage seats. The concert started 1 minute later and we saw the whole concert like rock stars with looks n smiles from Neil, Shawn and the band. It was the most radical dream come true ever... This would truly make for a great Rock-n-Roll movie.