KGB Skyshow VII

May 08, 1982     Jack Murphy Stadium     San Diego, California, United States

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May 08, 1982
Jack Murphy Stadium
San Diego, California, United States

Stadium Name changed

Band Genres

Classic Rock 3 bands

Classic Rock:

Rock 3 bands


Hard Rock 2 bands

Hard Rock:

Art Rock 1 band

Art Rock:

Blues 1 band


Blues Rock 1 band

Blues Rock:

Glam Metal 1 band

Glam Metal:

Glam Punk 1 band

Glam Punk:

Glam Rock 1 band

Glam Rock:

Jazz 1 band


Pop Rock 1 band

Pop Rock:

Power Pop 1 band

Power Pop:

Punk 1 band


Rock And Roll 1 band

Rock And Roll:

Rockabilly 1 band


Soft Rock 1 band

Soft Rock:

Album Oriented Rock (AOR) 1 band

Album Oriented Rock (AOR):

Female Vocalists 1 band

Female Vocalists:

Rock N Roll 1 band

Rock N Roll:

New Wave Pop 1 band

New Wave Pop:

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 Alan Carlson
 Ross Colbert
 Mike Ee
 Corey Hondzinski

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Corey Hondzinski Mar 18, 2023

I guess my parents took me to this show when I was one year old. What a great first concert to not be able to enjoy and remember (insert joke about being stoned at a concert here). I found the souvenir program (cuz they did that back in the day) in my dad's old file cabinet with a note saying it was my first concert.

Mark Wilkinson Mar 13, 2023

I was there..

Ross Colbert Jan 22, 2021

I was there; worked for KGB assembling the sky show; set up scaffold, hung a sail from the light bar above the scoreboard for a screen to shoot laser on. Backstage pass; sat on the stage with Chuck Berry and his daughter as they performed. Worked at least 24 hours straight to get all the effects, light boxes, etc. set up. Helped the Zambellis set up a firework tribute to John Lennon; four mortars; had to be in a perfect square; each mortar at a specific degree; when they were set off, there was a solid light from each corner, and all four met in the middle far above the stadium. Celebrated with them; they shared some whiskey; we shared some "other stuff".....

Alan Carlson Apr 07, 2020

I was there