Yellowbrick Road Tour

Sep 21, 1973     Greensboro Coliseum     Greensboro, NC

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September 21, 1973
Greensboro Coliseum
Greensboro, NC


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 Cr Shepherd
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Cr Shepherd Sep 23, 2019

Snookhunter, I forgot about the Croce tribute song. Usually remember the tear gas canisters someone set off on the floor and cleared the coliseum.

Snookhunter Sep 19, 2019

I was at this show and think I paid $4.50 to see Elton. After serving a tour in Viet-nam I was stationed at Ft. Bragg and myself and a few buddies loaded up the van and headed to Greensboro. The 2 major things I remember were the playing of a bunch of new songs from an upcoming album called ' Goodbye Yellow Brick Road '. He played songs we never heard before and they were unbelievable. One of the best albums of all time! Also halfway thru the show Elton walked down a runway to a lone piano in a spotlight and proceeded to tell us about losing a good friend by the name of Jim Croce who had died in a plane crash the previous day. We knew what an upcoming talent he was. Big Bad Leroy Brown was no more! I can't think about it without tearing up. He played " Daniel "