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Xmal Deutschland

Jul 02, 1984     The Warehouse     Leeds, England

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July 02, 1984
The Warehouse
Leeds, England

Some idiot bouncer told me I couldn't go in as I was wearing Doc Martins !! Had to watch it through the window.


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 David Evans
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David Evans May 22, 2020

Ye i remember having a nosey through the gaps in the curtains there.plod outside gave me some shit over my hayfever pills haha probly saw you there 👍

Chasw67 May 22, 2020

Wow !! Thats amazing you had the same experience and saw me mention it here. Wish Id seen the "sock" trick maybe that would have worked for me. Glad you got to see them properly in Sheffield, I never saw them again but I did watch the show right to the end through the window. Thanks to YouTube we can see them live from 1984 - here in Germany - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...

David Evans May 21, 2020

ye i was there and was turned away because or the DM's.saw some guys put there socks over their boots and got in!!! i listened from outside and waited for mates to come out after gig .slept in city that night then went on to sheffield leadmill following night no issues there getting in