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Richard Binder Nov 04, 2021

Found the date December 2, 1984. Dio and Dokken , NBC arena Honolulu.

Richard Binder Nov 04, 2021

Prairie Capital Convention Center Springfield, Illinois. I saw Ozzy with Randy Rhoads, Def Leppard opening. Pete Willis on guitar. Saw many concerts there. I'll look them up. This is fun.

Richard Binder Nov 04, 2021

Not in New England, the band.

Richard Binder Nov 04, 2021

Cool sight by the way. Even though my last concert concert was 14 years ago, Van Halen 2008 in Dallas. I refuse to pay the high ticket prices now. My first concert was @1980 New England, UFO ( with Michael Shenker) and Cheap Trick . Probably paid less than $15. I'll look up that show.

Richard Binder Nov 04, 2021

There is a Dio concert from 1984 missing. I would have to get a hold of my ex wife to see if she knows the month. That isn't going to happen. I was stationed at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii. We were newlyweds married in August of 1984. It was her first concert , about my 20th. Neil Blasdell Center , Honolulu. NBC arena. Dokken opened for sure. It was definitely towards the last quarter of the year. Some Marines got busted smoking weed next to us . I felt something hit my shoe and looked down . One of them threw a baggie down . I put my foot on top of it , size 12 and the police didn't see anything. They were escorted out and I got some killer Hawaiin. Nice to be friends with the NCO in charge of urinalysis.

Okieconcertdude Dec 07, 2020

ive seen Dio a whole bunch of times that arent even on this site...this is kinda dumb