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Stephen Marley is a reggae artist and producer and one of Bob Marley's 12 children. In 1979, when he was only seven years old, he joined Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers alongside siblings Ziggy, Sharon, and Cedella. While still with the Melody Makers, he began producing music, notably his brother Damien Marley's first three albums, two of which won Grammys for Best Reggae Album. After several decades of backing his siblings, Stephen Marley released his debut album "Mind Control" in 2007. It was followed by "Mind Control Acoustic" (2008), "Revelation Pt. 1 – The Root of Life" (2011), and "Revelation Pt. 2 – The Fruit of Life" (2016). All four peaked at number one on the US Billboard Reggae chart. On December 27, 2022, Stephen Marley lost his son Jo Mersa.

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