Lena Linderoth has seen Rammstein 5 times.

Formed in 1994 in Berlin, Germany, Rammstein established itself in the industrial metal genre through a potent fusion of crushing guitar riffs, relentless synth, and dramatic stage shows. With lead singer Till Lindemann at the helm, the band has crafted numerous Rammstein hits including the anthemic "Du Hast," the unapologetic "Pussy," the rousing "Deutschland," the introspective "Zeit," and the biting "Amerika” while songs like "Dicke Titten," “Sonne,” and "Engel" mirror societal taboos and delve into often controversial lyrical territory. Their live performances are equally intense, with each Rammstein concert showcasing the band’s penchant for pyrotechnics and theatricality. Rammstein scored its first number album on the German charts with its sophomore album "Sehnsucht" (1997). With its eighth album, “Zeit” (2022) Rammstein scored its tenth consecutive number one (including live albums), solidifying its position as a central force in both the German and global metal scenes.

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