Lillyy.Mariee has seen 2 concerts in San Francisco

San Francisco, California, United States

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 Michael Stecher
 Erica Lambert
 Mc 23
 Jimmy 714
 Kat D
 Nate Winiecki
 Trisha Gonzales
 Daniel Krasnegor
 Alex Ballester

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Tuna, Aka, Victor Martinez Dec 10, 2021

Quite envious of all the shows you've been to - absolutely mind blowing. It's a small world realizing that you and I have been to many of the same shows in San Francisco. However, the correction you made to one of my entries is inaccurate. The Roxy Music show in 1979, was originally scheduled for the Berkeley Community Theater was moved from that venue into the Oakland Auditorium (Arena) and is noted so in their archives.