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Mix Mob is a San Diego, CA-based pop-punk/alternative rock/hip-hop/reggae band which was formed by Ryan Weaver and Matt Rowe in 1997 also formerly known as Flipside.

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Mix Mob has 2 Saint Dog concerts.

Saint Dog is an original member of the Kottonmouth Kings and was with them up until the beginning of 2000. That's when the Kings and Saint parted their ways. Saint started doing music with his brother Big Hoss, they started their own label, "UScircleA Records" and released their first album in 2001. Saint is one half of the duo that makes up Unconformable Social Amputees, a solo artist, and an owner of UScircleA Records. Since then Saint has signed back with Suburban Noize Records as a solo artist...

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tags: Mix Mob, Saint Dog, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, Gig Poster, Ticket, Setlist, Merch, Crowd, Gear, Stage Design, Dv8 - Mix Mob / Saint Dog on Oct 31, 2003 [663-small]

Mix Mob Saint Dog Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Gig Poster Ticket Setlist Merch Crowd Gear Stage Design Dv8

Mix Mob / Saint Dog
Oct 31, 2003
 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
  Uploaded by Mix Mob

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