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Formed in the United States in 1994, System of a Down (also called "System" or "SoaD") is an alternative rock-pop-metal band whose members are all of Armenian descent. While the band's exact genre is widely debated, the socio-political content of the band's lyrics is undeniable. Led by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Serj Tankian, the band's lyrics focus on issues like the Armenian genocide, the War on Terror, mass incarceration, and the degradation of women in media. In 1998, SoaD released its self-titled debut album. The band released four more studio albums before going on hiatus in 2006. Since 2010, System of a Down has reunited periodically for tours and live performances but has yet to record or release a sixth studio album.

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Aug 01, 1998
Ozzfest 1998
Ozzfest 98 / Ozzy Osbourne / Tool / Megadeth / Limp Bizkit / Soulfly / Sevendust / Coal Chamber / Motörhead / System of a Down / Melvins / Incubus / Snot / ultraspank / Life Of Agony / Kilgore / Monster Voodoo Machine
Hardees Pavilion at Walnut Creek Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

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