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Goal: Be the godfather of the scene for the PNW. I've been going to shows for about 15 years so if you see me at a show, introduce yourself.

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Alternatively described as pop punk, emocore, or alt-rock, Acceptance emerged in 1998 in Seattle, Washington, and released four EPs, three singles, and one studio album before breaking up in 2006. Prior to the breakup, Acceptance toured with leading alt-rock, post-grunge, and emo bands including Seether, Anberlin, Fall Out Boy, Brand New, Yellowcard, and many others. Acceptance also performed at the Van's Warped Tour for four consecutive years (2003-2006). After nine years, the band reunited in 2015. "Colliding by Design" (2017) was the band's second studio album and the first released in 12 years. It was followed by 2020's "Wild, Free."

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