Spotlight on: Plastic Barricades [interview] – New Album “Self-Theories” Out Now!

This week we chatted with Elina and Dan of Plastic Barricades about a lot of our favorite topics at Concert Archives like first/favorite concerts, bucket lists, etc. Plastic Barricades released their newest album “Self-Theories” last month. Past Plastic Barricades Shows Backstage Pass: What’s the first concert you went to? Elina: The best gigs are the […]

The History of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade + Top Performances from Years Past

Since our concert options are lacking in 2020, limited mainly to drive-ins and livestreams, the next big “live” event many of us may watch is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Admittedly, I’ve never been much for parades (or celebrating Thanksgiving, for that matter), but given how rough this year has been for so many, we’re […]

Spotlight on: Charming Liars [interview] – New Music Out Now!

This week we chatted with Kiliyan of Charming Liars about a lot of our favorite topics at Concert Archives like first/favorite concerts, bucket lists, etc. Charming Liars recently released their newest album “Losers” and you should definitely check it out! Past Shows BP: What’s the first concert that you went to? Kiliyan: Well, the first concert I ever […]