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Cheap Trick is an American power pop/rock n roll band from Rockford, Illinois that's played for over four decades, and in 2016 was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Having gained popularity in the late-70s centered within the Midwest and within Japan, the band members are Rick Nielsen (guitarist and main songwriter), Bun E. Carlos (born Brad Carlson) (drums), Robin Zander (vocals and guitars), and Tom Petersson (bass guitar). Though they...

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Richard Binder Nov 04, 2021

There is a date that needs added. My first concert was New England, UFO and Cheap Trick. Prairie Capital Convention Center. February 6th , 1981. I remember New England's drummer came down from the riser and having the longest hair I'd ever seen. Michael Shenker was playing lead guitar and his Marshall amp head quit working. He shoved the stack and it fell over. Roadies had another whole Marshall stack put in place quickly. Not just the head. My older friend's girlfriend was pulled up on stage along with quite a few others for Bun E. Carlos drum solo. They gave them Bun E. masks to wear. My friends are amazed I remember long term so well. Considering all the partying we did.