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 Curbsideaudio First stop on tour with Squid The Whale and YMAEWK. Squid The Whale / You Me And Everyone We Know / The Orphan The Poet / Sugar Glyder / Drop The Act / DotDotDot-SheLovesMeNot Jan 24, 2014
 Justin Thiele I've wanted to see The Raveonettes for ages! The Raveonettes Jan 16, 2014
 Justin Thiele Great photos @Buffbloom! Taking Back Sunday / Bayside / Transit Jan 15, 2014
 Locustxreign Thursday played Full Collapse in it's entirety for the 10 year anniversary of the album. Thursday / Underoath / Animals As Leaders / A Skylit Drive Jan 10, 2014
 Justin Thiele Weird (but awesome) lineup, Paul McCartney + MGMT! Paul McCartney / MGMT Jan 09, 2014
 Justin Thiele It was a great show! I hadn't heard of them beforehand. LIGHTS Jan 08, 2014
 Loganeatsdirt My giiiiiirlll. I'm jealous. LIGHTS Jan 08, 2014
 Justin Thiele Yeah, seriously! I didn't start going to concerts until I had decent taste in music, haha. Fugazi / Her Flyaway Manner Jan 06, 2014
 Total Refill Not a bad start. Fugazi / Her Flyaway Manner Jan 06, 2014
 Total Refill Da bomb And So I Watch You From Afar / TTNG / Mylets Jan 06, 2014
 Justin Thiele Nice, two of my favorite bands! I was disappointed to see Dublin Castle is not a real castle though ;) The Appleseed Cast / Cursive Jan 05, 2014
 Justin Thiele Oh man, this show sounds awesome. Pygmalion Festival Jan 02, 2014
 Buffbloom Date is estimate. It was in early September, for sure. Slick Shoes / Cooter / Jersey Jan 02, 2014
 Justin Thiele #jelly Pitchfork Music Festival Jan 02, 2014
 Jetsfan4ever80 Thanks for the recommendation, I'll make sure to check it out. Radiohead / Caribou Jan 02, 2014
 Brantelg It was! And whats more, it was free! The Flaming Lips / The Rapture / Stardeath & The White Dwarfs Jan 02, 2014
 Justin Thiele Nice. "Up In Flames" is my favorite of the Caribou albums. Worth checking out for sure. Radiohead / Caribou Jan 02, 2014
 Jetsfan4ever80 They were good. I went into the show having never heard of them, but I was pretty impressed. I had been meaning to listen to them after their performance, but for some reason I never did. Radiohead / Caribou Jan 02, 2014
 Justin Thiele What was Caribou like live? I've been wanting to see them/him. Radiohead / Caribou Jan 01, 2014
 Justin Thiele This sounds like an amazing show. Flaming Lips live is almost unbeatable, plus The Rapture! The Flaming Lips / The Rapture / Stardeath & The White Dwarfs Jan 01, 2014