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 Billie Qwest Mike Nesmith was not part of the Monkees at this show. The show was awesome; Jerry Lee Lewis was the standout - he was FIRE! Jerry Lee Lewis, ,the Monkees & Beatles Tribute Sep 20, 2019
 John Pusateri Big surprise, ran into Danny & Dale afterward once the room cleared out. Red Dirt Girl Sep 20, 2019
 John Pusateri I saw Emmy on the 2nd night, 19th. This was the only time at a show that I attended since 1977 where she didn't perform "Pancho & Lefty". She did though on the other two nights. I will never get tired of hearing it. Red Dirt Girl Sep 20, 2019
 Kristen Maxwell I got to the show late (parking was a MOFO), so I totally missed LJ and RATM. Still, it was worth it to see Primus, Tool, and AiC. Lollapalooza 1993 Sep 19, 2019
 Kristen Maxwell I remember Primus played Bob, and they had a projection of swinging light bulbs that was haunting. I think they also played "Welcome to this World," because I remember Les switching to an upright bass with a bow. Lollapalooza 1993 Sep 19, 2019
 Donny T Long They played 3 Shows. Each show had a unique setlist and lasted 1/2 hour each Everclear Sep 19, 2019
 Snookhunter I was at this show and think I paid $4.50 to see Elton. After serving a tour in Viet-nam I was stationed at Ft. Bragg and myself and a few buddies loaded up the van and headed to Greensboro. The 2 major things I remember were the playing of a bunch of new songs from an upcoming album called ' Goodbye Yellow Brick Road '. He played songs we never heard before and they were unbelievable. One of the best albums of all time! Also halfway thru the show Elton walked down a runway to a lone piano in a spotlight and proceeded to tell us about losing a good friend by the name of Jim Croce who had died in a plane crash the previous day. We knew what an upcoming talent he was. Big Bad Leroy Brown was no more! I can't think about it without tearing up. He played " Daniel " Yellowbrick Road Tour Sep 19, 2019
 Doyle Mc Poyle5150 I was here! 🤘🏻 Def Leppard / Europe Sep 19, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino Peter Murphy’s band; Jeff Schartoff: Bass Mark Gemini Thwaite: Guitar Nick Lucero: drums “Retrospective” Tour Sep 19, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino What is it about this Band that still turns me into a screaming 15 year old? I couldn’t talk for 2 weeks after this show. “Somewhere Back in Time” Tour Sep 19, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino Scott begins his decent into prima donna Rock foolishness! Ruined the Revolver set IMO. AiC crushed it even with a horrible sound however! “Re-Evolution” Tour Sep 18, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino Damn good performance. Sweaty Rock n’ Roll like it should be! Scott was in top form (To bad it didn’t last). “Re-Evolution” Tour Sep 18, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino Awesome Show! Crappy seats. “The Weirdness” Tour Sep 18, 2019
 Nmosqueda Greatest concert ever. Lol. Survivor Sep 18, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino (Honest there were like 500 Bands playing or some foolishness! Hi-lites were seeing the return of A.I.C. with William Duvall & Black Stone Cherry. Everything else was a blur) Locobazooka Sep 18, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino Tony Levin played Bass in his band Jim Weider Sep 18, 2019
 Mce 63 This was my second concert. The place was absolutely packed since it was a free concert and shortly after their Infinity album came out. It was a beautiful summer night with the temperature just right. The dealers all hung out along the path about where the concession stand is today. It was all plush lawn back then. The haze of pot was thick in the air. Of all the concerts I've been to and forgotten, I will always remember this one. Infinity Tour Sep 18, 2019
 Okbye I saw this tour in Phoenix, AZ but don't know the exact date. Did they not talk to, any crowds on this tour or did they just hate us? Heartbeat City Tour 1984 Sep 17, 2019
 Pedrochu there were also Destroyer and Overkill but I was too tired to even care so I left Rezet / Flotsam & Jetsam Sep 17, 2019
 Stvnegert Didnt get to see much of this set, Brian Ruggles and I had to be escorted off the premises by the Cedar Rapids PD. We might have been a little drunk. Thanks Scott Cary!! Aersomith- Done with Mirrors Tour Sep 17, 2019