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 Dallman My mistake, this was the Aug 27 concert. There was alos an Aug 29 concert at the Pier, as well as Aug. 30, 1983. Sorry for the confusion. I'll post that show's setlist. Santana Jun 01, 2020
 Dallman This concert was at Pier 84 NYC, not Jones beach. It was on August 29, 1983. There was a second show August 30, 1983 that is correct on this site, but the date and venue information here is incorrect. Santana Jun 01, 2020
 Andrea Cloud Reinke You forgot 3 Doors Down Summer 2014 gillioz theatre Jun 01, 2020
 Amberrhhxc When you add a tour name via edit AFTER the listing has already been created, it does not display the band names underneath the tour name on Overview or Concerts. I want my band names to show. Please do not edit my listing. Please make your own. Thank you. Anthrax / Slayer / Lamb of God May 31, 2020
 Jay O. Tea ONLINE: Slay At Home Fest May 30, 2020
 Brian Kent I fell Asleep The Eagles May 30, 2020
 Lktravis12 This should be listed under Blue Meanies not "THE" Blue meanies. there are 2 separate bands listed on here but the Chicago band is listed without the "the" The Blue Meanies May 30, 2020
 Dani Rae Carter I won free tickets for the Friday of this event through warped tour! Riot Fest 2015 (Friday only) May 30, 2020
 Dani Rae Carter This was my 21st birthday! Loved seeing family force five, neck deep, never shout never! missed escape the fate because they played at 11:30?! Warped Tour 2015 May 30, 2020
 Milocampo Blues Traveler / COL BRUCE HAMPTON & THE AQUARIUM RESCUE UNIT May 30, 2020
 Dani Rae Carter One of the stops on my boyfriends birthday bonanza! Perfectly paired with wine and water colors, hookah bar, and a shot at fong’s The Karma Killers / Tribe Society May 30, 2020
 Dani Rae Carter First concert by myself, absolutely beautiful. Bang & Whimper Farewell Tour May 30, 2020
 Love Jones Wrong "Love Jones" This was a play based on the move "Love Jones". Love Jones May 30, 2020
 Love Jones Wrong "Love Jones" This concert featured "Stealing Love Jones". My Coke Fest 2007 May 30, 2020
 Zimtrim Clippings have been posted for the Chicago concert at Hynes Auditorium: Boston, Massachusetts 1972-05-30/31 Chicago May 29, 2020
 Don B Danny if you were there, then post it to the site. I was not there Pink Floyd May 29, 2020
 J B Danny, they called it the "In The Flesh" tour??? I mean we had a pig floating over the floor, it was the "Animals" tour, in my opinion. Saw the May 1st 1977 show in Fort Worth. Pink Floyd May 29, 2020
 Kpcfc2004 Support Bethnal Hawkwind May 29, 2020
 Danny Blum Where is the Animals Tour MSG July 1-4 1977? I was sitting 13 row Orchestra seat #7 Pink Floyd May 29, 2020
 Danny Blum Warmup band was Uriah Heap!! Jethro Tull May 29, 2020