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 Walter Winsor Filming of original band performing the Official DVD release. Santana / Ronald Isley May 20, 2024
 Badgumby Opening act: Lovecrimes Bad Religion / Social Distortion / LOVECRIMES May 20, 2024
 Chill Gill The Allman Brothers Band were phenomenal! They played SO many of their best hits. They just jammed for a long time. It was also great hearing Don Henley and JD Souther play. The whole event was full of the best music of that time. VOLUNTEER JAM XII May 20, 2024
 Wostones We came down early Saturday morning from Stockholm. It was a lovely day and lots of time before hitting Ullevi stadium. After doing some shopping (mostly beer) we settled on the nice lawn outside of Ullevi. What made it so special was the fans there. They came from all kinds in society. Rich or poor. Nothing matters except the love for Stones music. You heard the Stones everywhere. Even at the systembolaget (liqour store) loud music of Stones songs. We joined in at center of the football field, quite close to the stage. There wasn't much of a delay as the Stones showed up almost on the clock. Starting with Under my Thumb. Unfortunately there was some problem soundwise but it got better I thought. Not the best concert I've been to but certainly one of the most enjoyable with all the friends we met and made. The best aside from Let's spend the Night together was Let Me Go and She's so cold and the usual suspects. Brown Sugar, Jumpin Jack Flash and of course Satisfaction (really good). So we were satisfied and fine strolling out in the hot summer night. The Rolling Stones / The J. Geils Band May 20, 2024
 Emad 🥹🥹 Ozzy Osbourne May 20, 2024
 Chill Gill KISS originally played Nashville on January 19th and it snowed like crazy! Only a few thousand ppl made it to the show. KISS came out and said “We are going do a make up show later in the year…but we are gonna play for you right now!!” This November show was the make up show and it was great. KISS is truly a standup act and always treated their fans great. KISS / Black 'N Blue May 20, 2024
 Woven Antelope Mikaela Davis sat in on backing vocals for all but three Grateful Shred songs. Grateful Shred / Circles Around the Sun May 20, 2024
 Chill Gill It was a decent show, as concerts in oversized dome style venues go. If you aren’t up close in venues like this one, the acoustics are horrible and make the show miserable. Kenny Chesney was energetic as always. I enjoyed watching the Zac Brown Band the most. Kenny Chesney / Zac Brown Band / Megan Moroney / Uncle Kracker May 20, 2024
 Dooley I remember Jesse was almost too drunk to sing, they came on late and I left early. Brand New / Foxing / Cymbals Eat Guitars May 20, 2024
 Scott Heins She left before midnight and we didn’t know what to do! Aretha Franklin / Jackie Allen May 20, 2024
 Stallzy Great concert, got tickets really last minute like 3:30pm today as my dad is a big Iron Maiden fan from seeing them in the eighties. First time at the Academy 1 myself for anything other than uni exams in the past. Looks like a few of us are going to be at Nickelback tomorrow too :D Bruce Dickinson / Black Smoke Trigger May 20, 2024
 Alien Shore My first Rush show... I was completely blown away! Got to hear early versions of Limelight and Tom Sawyer before Moving pictures was even recorded! Rush / Saxon May 19, 2024
 Sophiesoapman slay Taylor Swift / Ed Sheeren May 19, 2024
 Maria Bauer The pre-show singer Alex Porat was so beautiful and sang so good 🥰 I still listen to her song 'Miss Sick World' Eric Nam / Alex Porat May 19, 2024
 Chip Mc C @Ronnie Romero is a beast 🤘🏻🤘🏻 Michael Schenker / Eric Martin May 19, 2024
 Chip Mc C Felt like 1987 Heavens Edge / Roughhouse Teeze / Sic Vikki May 19, 2024
 Chip Mc C @Mark Daly 🇮🇪 was awesome...! Geoff Tate / Mark Daly May 19, 2024
 Rick Wolf Bought born again, went to this show and it started with wicked sounding classical music and fog and the demon baby from album cover came out screaming. I loved it though Ian Gillan kind of put it down as a bad memory but to me it was me and wife and greatest show. Went to side where only see side of stage to roll something, Ian came there out of front audience sight for short break to chug Budweiser and saw us and others rolling joints and drinking and gave us total outrageous shout-out with the hair flying and everything. Black Sabbath May 19, 2024
 Nicholaspisc With Sage, Noelle, & Nato 100 gecs / Tisakorean / Liturgy / Yoda May 19, 2024
 Nicholaspisc With Sagey Currents / Shadow of Intent / Boundaries / Fuming Mouth May 19, 2024