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 Tiffany Kotz Went with Alisa. Celebrity Mansions Aug 13, 2019
 John Pusateri With Dana & Toby Emmylou Harris and the Nash Ramblers Aug 12, 2019
 Ryguy182 With the show being in Mesa and Mesa having a strict noise ordinance where ALL loud noise must stop no later than 10pm... this can and did leave a lot of the teen/young Tweenty-Something’s crowd are left with a lot of energy after a great show... and things can get a bit out of hand which I remember this one getting even though they had to rush TBS off after 10 but they did finish there set.. AVA was absolutely incredible on there very first tour and you could tell that more people were there to see Tom DeLonge’s new band... A Lot of people left early but TBS put on a really good show for their first headlining tour ... people who left early missed out Taking Back Sunday: Louder Now Tour featuring Angels & Airwaves Aug 12, 2019
 Ryguy182 This show was SO crazy and SO amazing.... some of the people from the radio station hid me behind the bar so I could stay for the second set (I think it was Marty & Hondo, RIP)... that was a LONG but fun day... brought my year book from Glenbard North High School that my little sister stole (umm permanently borrowed) from the deans office, I got one from the library, while we attended that school so Billy could sign it, still have not had it signed, Haha such an amazing experience though to see a band of that stature near their Prime in such a small venue.. incredible The Smashing Pumpkins Aug 11, 2019
 Ryguy182 @ryan Thompson those photos are AMAZING brought me right back to seeing John Feldmann of Goldfinger running around with a 20 ft blow up dick slapping everyone in the crowd... that was a fun show... Bush was great, and Pennywise was INCREDIBLE I liked them b4 the show but was addicted to them after that day Edgefest 2000 Aug 11, 2019
 Willie10c There was a power outage for the stage equipment at the end of "Queen of the Forest"that lasted about 25 minutes. Ted Nugent / Michael Austin Aug 11, 2019
 Ryguy182 This show on the date listed was in Phoenix AZ, and what is now Talking Stick Arena (America west Arena in 2002) Jimmy Eat World / Blink 182 / Green Day Aug 11, 2019
 Ryguy182 This was AVA’s first live show in over 7 years, this one kicked off their North American small venue tour. The marquee theater show was the first stop but one of the last to sell out but it finally did about 1 month b4 show time! Angels & Airwaves Aug 11, 2019
 Ryguy182 One of the best performances I have ever experienced was Boxcar Racer at this show Tom DeLonge started the show by saying “Tonight’s all about the music” and played their album beginning to end with no pauses or breaks, and he allowed the crowd to fill in for the guest vocalist on the album it was AMAZING EDGEfest 2002 Aug 11, 2019
 Ryguy182 Great show took my niece nephew and 3 yr old (at the time) daughter, it was her first concert Weezer Aug 11, 2019
 Ryguy182 This was an added show, the tour wasn’t supposed to start until July 22 ... first time they played the songs off California live ... they also brought back the giant F U C K on fire backdrop The California Tour Aug 11, 2019
 Ryguy182 After Blink put on a great set Cake walked off after like 2 songs then Mark McGrath called them out for being a bunch of pussies ... great show That Damn Show 1998 / CAKE / Fuel / Goo Goo Dolls / Harvey Danger / Lenny Kravitz / Phunk Junkeez / Save Ferris / Seven Mary Three / Sugar Ray / The Urge / blink‐182 Aug 11, 2019
 Ryguy182 My (at the time) 5 yr olds 1st show.. Direct Hit! Was incredible The Hepatitis Bathtub Tour 2016 Aug 11, 2019
 Kboozer0 Went with Bryan Bussewitz All for you tour Aug 11, 2019
 Aquint Marc, Gabi The Mountain Goats Aug 11, 2019
 Becki Jim, Ethan, Traci, Thomas Breaking Benjamin / Chevelle / 3 Days Grace Aug 11, 2019
 Excavator007 how do i change the fucking date . . . of red rocks show to 1985 ? The Grateful Dead Aug 10, 2019
 Thomas Vacchino John Entwistle played during 2nd set… OH MY GOD!! “Daltrey Sings Townshend” Tour Aug 10, 2019
 Micky Sean Bailey Jimbo The Reverend Horton Heat / The Delta Bombers Aug 09, 2019
 Sdf75 I skipped my night film class at Sierra College to see this show. 😊 Sublime / Lordz of Brooklyn / Wesley Willis Fiasco Aug 09, 2019