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 Chel Mishy Does anyone remember if there was an opening band? If so who was it? The Firm Nov 28, 2020
 Marvshuman Opened for Country Joe & the Fish Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention Nov 27, 2020
 Steven G Thomas This setlist is incorrect. I don't know the complete setlist, but they DEFINITELY opened with Tightrope. Also there were a couple other bands. Can't remember them all. One was band called Kingfish. Out of the Blue Nov 27, 2020
 Jason Di Ulio I definitely remember them playing no leaf clover Metallica Nov 26, 2020
 Jbrown Some members of the audience were throwing ice cubes at the stage during The Animals set. Eric Burden was (rightly) po'd and changed the lyrics to House of the Rising Sun....."Oh Mama, tell your children not to throw ice cubes at me." Herman's Hermits / The Animals Nov 26, 2020
 Cyndi Bramwell Section 206, Row UU, Seat 28 Went with Michelle, Cathy & Jenny Met up with people from Aberdeens Moved to Lawn Section "Cracker Kicked Our Asses" Nov 26, 2020
 Brydavis 59 Mark Jimmy Jordan Crosby, Stills & Nash Nov 26, 2020
 Jbrown King arrived at the Indianola home of longtime friend, Minnie Belle Mills, earlier in the day. Exiting his tour bus, he mingled with fans and a baseball team he sponsored before sitting down for lunch. That evening at the concert site he arrived aboard a farm tractor. The driver dropped him off short of the stage so he could mingle with fans again. B.B. King Homecoming Nov 26, 2020
 Colepau61 This was the first real concert I ever attended, bought my ticket off my older brother and went by myself basically cause none of buddies knew who they were. It was hot as hell cause it's the old Garden in June but I did not care. They sounded great and they also had lasers!! I have probably been to about 350 shows since then but this one will always be my first Yes Nov 25, 2020
 Jbrown Great outdoor show off South Main in the street by the Arcade Restaurant Hurray for the Riff Raff / Motel Mirrors Nov 25, 2020
 R Hicksjr Coney Hatch opened at this show. World Vengeance Nov 25, 2020
 Jbrown A great show at a great venue. Eliane Elias Nov 25, 2020
 Jbrown Mark-Almond stole the show. They were absolutely superb. Among others, they performed perhaps their best known song, "The City." Joe Cocker / Mark-Almond / Patto Nov 25, 2020
 Jbrown This concert was actually at the Jackson Municipal Auditorium. The band lineup at the time was Bob Welch, Christine McVie, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. They were the real deal as there was a fake Fleetwood Mac doing some shows around this time and Welch mentioned it. The set list looks to be spot on. Fleetwood Mac Nov 25, 2020
 Janis Nolette I remember we had seats in the back, way up, you could touch the ceiling with your hands. The corridors where very low too, it reminded me of and underground passage way Pyromania Tour Nov 24, 2020
 Lee Whiteside Interview with Ray before the show in the Phoenix New Times. Ray Davies Nov 24, 2020
 Lee Whiteside Main thing I remember from this show was almost getting crushed when the doors opened. This show was general admission and there was a big crush that had many of us moving along with the crowd without touching the ground. Heart Nov 24, 2020
 Kari Roberts Carruolo Maceo Parker opened this show Dave Matthews Band Nov 24, 2020
 Brioma33 Missouri opened up for Triumph Triumph Nov 24, 2020