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 Justin Thiele It was hard to get good videos & photos because our seats were right across from 4 bright stage lights. On the plus side there weren't many people around us, so I didn't feel bad taking a bunch of long videos :) Bush & +LIVE+ - The Altimate Tour Oct 17, 2019
 Thomas L Hefner you missed a Kingdome concert...Aerosmith, Jeff Beck and a few other bands. I believe it was 9/2/80. Admittedly it was a horrible sounding show Kingdome Oct 17, 2019
 Rich Benson Live recording: Throwing Muses / Pixies Oct 15, 2019
 B Ruger type o- was there Queensrÿche Oct 14, 2019
 Cardboard Cowboy And I’m all “Eight. Hour. Chalkdust🤯”:));)) Joking. My all-time best “live event”. Nothing will ever come close. Easily made me forget about the worst traffic jam known to mankind Phish Oct 14, 2019
 John Pusateri Picked the band up at the airport in Mom's LeMans, bucket seats, 8 track Talking Heads Oct 13, 2019
 John Pusateri Friends & I were Invited by Chris & Tina at the Niagara Falls gig in Sept. Only Karen & I went '77 Tour Oct 13, 2019
 John Pusateri Friends & I met the band and helped load their van. Chris & Tina invited us to Invite only CBGB show recorded for FM Talking Heads Oct 13, 2019
 Tomsteck59 Ivory Coast album tour and also had the opportunity that Saturday afternoon to meet and greet, got to shake his hand and he autographed the Ivory Coast album insert which is in my album collection. Sunfest Oct 13, 2019
 Acey68 Setlist Second One To Know Without Your Love Nobody to Blame Might As Well Get Stoned Parachute Millionaire (Kevin Welch) Fire Away I Was Wrong Starting Over (new song) Whiskey And You Either Way Hard Livin’ (w/Kendall Marvel) Get Down To Arkansas (w/Brothers Osborne) Traveller Outlaw State Of Mind Death Row Freebird/The Devil Named Music Broken Halos Tennessee Whiskey (David Allan Coe) Encore Midnight Train to Memphis Chris Stapleton / Kendell Marvel Oct 13, 2019
 Gman Nixon’s at bat, it’s time to change the batter. Never forget Joe Walsh changing the line in Rocky Mountain Way. Allman Brothers Band / Marshall Tucker Band /Joe Walsh & Barnstorm Oct 13, 2019
 Electric Ant played this show with friends :) cut the moon / DRTY WRK / Hello Image Oct 13, 2019
 Electric Ant One of the best shows Braids / Noni Wo Oct 13, 2019
 Bundy714 You missed one. ZZ Top played the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson, MS on April 18, 1991. I remember it well, cause we were really bummed. The Black Crowes were hot and new, and were supposed to open for ZZ Top, but for some reason they didn't. Can't remember why, but it turned out to be a good concert anyway. Sure did want to see the Black Crowes tho, lol. ZZ Top Oct 12, 2019
 Jrreisinger One of the best shows ever! Lollapalooza 1993 Oct 12, 2019
 Aquint Marc, Bonnie, Evan, Blander Big Thief / Twain Oct 12, 2019
 Houston Hh #soldout The HU (band) / Crown Lands Oct 11, 2019
 Kwyjibo2112 Yuck! Country. The things you do for love. But it made her happy. Notice the $1 expansion fee on the ticket. One of the first concerts held there after the expansion was done was KISS on November 28, 1998. It took forever, it seemed, to finish. John Micheal Montgomery / Sawyer Brown Oct 10, 2019
 Dj Tommy Gunn Went with (& DJ'd with) DJ Dino. Stand out performances (for me) were: Leiahdorus, State of the Union, Provision, & Gobble-Gag (side project of Robert Enforsen from Elegant Machinery)..He performed "Save Me" from EM.) SynthCon 2002: America's Synthpop Convention Oct 09, 2019
 Kwyjibo2112 Bad girlfriend, good show. River Of Dreams Tour Oct 09, 2019